My girls' gifts to the world

Eggs are a miracle of creation

So, today my baby girl chicks gave me egg #2.

Talk about CONNECTION! What a feeling to pick up a warm egg, after hearing one of my girls gleefully crow with pride and delight – “I DID THIS! This is MY CREATION! Hear me roar!” I rushed out a few times after hearing this roar this morning to look in the dog house, the chosen “private place” where the girls are going when they feel the call of  wild egg creationism. I have fluffed the area with the soft yellowing dry stalks of plants that my neighbor was going to compost – like hay but thicker and softer. The hens love it.

When I went out the first two times and knelt down crawled in a bit and peered in the dark. Nothing.

But I realized that this dog house is like a sacred temple now, like a kiva or a sweat lodge or a tipi, which one can only enter by getting low and humble or bowing first. Cool.

Since there was no sign of anything oval inside the dog house, I went off to do chores.

Soon, the grandmother arrived. Human Grandmom, that is, my mom.  Who is also very proud. Eager to see the First Egg from yesterday, she oooed and ahhhed over it, then asked to see the creators themselves.

Whose egg was it? I’m still not sure. The great thing about a flock is that they all seem to share the good and the bad parts – they all seem both excited and interested in this new development – the egg.

So, out we went, and once more I knelt down humbly and crawled in.

Sacred space.

There it lay, like a diamond in the rough, like a golden orb of light, like an egg.

Edible, nutritious and delicious. What an amazing miracle.

I gently picked it up and took a breath, turning slowly and feeling glad to be alive.

Talk about connection. To our food. To our animal friends. To the world around us. To our neighborhood.
This is what I need to nurture, getting and staying connected to where my nourishment comes from.

How are you nourished? Are you connected to the source of your nourishment?